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  1. Luis Lopez

    WOW Steve!!! I have to agree with you. The way you present this, kept me agreeing and even for a moment, I disagreed with you. But how you wrapped everything at the end, I definately agree 100% with you. Great job!!! Also, yes I really interested on your strobe set up. CHEERS!!!

    • steve

      Thanks Luis
      Much appreciated – am just starting to write the strobe post now – it will be much easier on my brain than this one was.

  2. Teresa Bowers

    Thanks to your book and this blog I’m now taking way too many pictures of nuts, bolts and screws. Am I worried that mine look like yours? No.

    Anyone who has the balls to spend hours taking pictures of such things is either insane or a genius. I say both.

    Thank you for a very inspiring approach to photography and honest writing. Ubiquity of photographs? LOL!

    • Steve

      Heh! – great attitude
      My wife would no doubt have an opinion on the insane/genius thing.
      ..and thanks for the really kind words about the book – really makes it all worth while.

      I do shoot more normal stuff as well, but I think that I’ve gone about as far as I can with the nuts and bolts 🙂

  3. Well, I completely disagree with you. It seems you have already resigned to the fact that a photographer can Never produce something new EVER. It is not about Juxtaposition. It is about exploring yourself first. The person within you, only then can you could create something new. You sound very pessimistic about the future of Photography. Remember the 80-20 principle it applies everywhere. There are good people everywhere, its just that sometimes you don’t stumble upon them.

  4. Marilyn Welch

    Hi Steve,

    I think about originality when I see quirky, far out, extreme photos. I think that person is trying to be original. I don’t worry about it for myself and I don’t try to be original.

    As Gypsy Rose Lee (famous stripper) said,
    “sure it’s been done before, but not by me.”

    Seriously I find if I am really being myself and making an image that is very attractive to me it usually comes out looking different and not a boring cliché.


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