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  1. Don

    Hi Steve, thanks for sharing a really interesting body of images. I like really like the idea of buying an object just to photograph it! Thanks for the inspiration. Don

  2. Tim

    I’m with you brother . . . obsessive . . . and my better half laughed and like your spouse, mine thank goodness puts up with me.

  3. Joanna

    I have your book “High Impact Low Cost Photography”. It’s been awhile since I have read it and decided to pull it up on my device again this evening. Obviously I didn’t get very far, a link to your blog was on the first page that pulled up, and hours later, here I am! This bathmat represents so many things in my own life. We don’t always buy things simply on need and want, but also how much time I can spend photographing it as well. ­čÖé My family is fairly understanding except when I ask them to wait a second before they eat something and grab my camera. *sigh* Anyway, I really appreciate, especially in your book, your point about it not being the camera. I have limited extra funds for toys and truly appreciate your focus NOT being on the equipment. For whatever reason having your approval to shoot with what I own empowered me. No I am not great, famous, or even professional, but I enjoy the time I spend doing what I love. I loved my old Vivitar 110 film camera growing up, and in the last four years or so have rekindled that love for photography. I guess what I am trying to say is simply, “Thank you”.

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