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  1. Malcolm Davies

    Hi Steve,
    I really like your philosophy. I have seen some excellent images created using 3d software and I would like to experiment with this. I am interested in being able to control light in 3d. A product called 3D Max comes up often, but this looks complicated and expensive. What else could you suggest considering?
    Thanks, Maloclm

    • steve

      Hi Malcolm
      Thanks and apologies for not responding much sooner.

      The first software I used was Truespace 3 which was really easy and intuitive but then they made it more technical with each new release. by version 7 I had no clue what to do with it as it bore no relation to the earlier very user friendly package. Truespace was discontinued fairly recently after being one of the biggest names in the market – I still think that if it had remained accessible to the relatively inexperienced user it would still be with us.

      I have had very brief looks at 3D Max (and the other heavyweights) and decided that the learning curve was too steep – and the end results would not help me enough to justify the effort. I just need somkething that is fairly instinctive and that does the basics reasonably well.

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